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About Eclipse

Started in 2007, Eclipse Technologies specialises in customised software development, software management and software support services.

Through our excellent bespoke products and software development skills we have the appropriate solutions that are available off the shelf or can be fully customised and developed to meet your exact requirements.

Our experience in developing bespoke solutions is thoroughly tested and proven in the “field”. We have the specialised and knowledgeable skills to provide you with the kind of flexibility you need to deliver focused solutions.

On all our projects we adopt a "flexible" project management methodology which assists us in providing both structure and the ability to adjust focus as your business need change.

At Eclipse Technologies our aim is to secure loyal clients by always delivering exactly what they want, and by ensuring that what we have created is reliable, upgradeable and able to exceed our clients expected levels of professionalism and service quality.

Our optimum service products are capable of providing management support, technical support, and internal procedure and operational system support.

Eclipse Technologies excels when consultation services are required. From the original idea of where your business can benefit, to the requirement and how it should function, we will establish the business need and provide a full recommendation report of what can be implemented to improve your current infrastructure.

Our team at Eclipse Technologies supports our drive to provide exceptional client service levels which can only be delivered by dedicated and motivated people.

We operate in a fast and dynamic environment and totally rely on people who are skilled and innovative. We believe that our people are our strength. Their knowledge.

Ten Eclipse Benefits

1.System Customisation

2.Bolt on Modules

3.Unparalleled Experience

4.Optimum Service Levels

5.Full Project Management

6.Full Project Transparency

7.Predictable Delivery

8.Lower Development Costs

9.Allowances for Change

10.System Streaming