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Vast knowledge and experience, superior and accurate proposals, advise and assistance and much more...

ECN - Experienced Advisors

The benefits of using our consultation services

  • Experience on customised SQL server database applications
  • Microsoft SQL-Server database modeling
  • Consultation on database modeling, programming, design, optimization and development projects
  • Proven project methodology and expertise
  • Lower cost when the right software is recommended and implemented
  • Reduced risk and quicker project delivery times•
  • Solutions that are “future safe” saving costs on future modifications and improvements.

Does your company have a need for a specific software, hardware or server application?

Eclipse Technologies has a team of highly skilled and experienced staff who are knowledgeable in many aspects of IT, server and software products.

Our consultation service covers the whole of Southern Africa. We have substantial experience in the healthcare, clothing, manufacturing, servicing, financial, industrial and technology environments to name but a few.

Our consultation services offer advice and recommendations for application development, software and hardware requirements, project management planning, system capabilities, upgrades and improvements to your current systems.

Eclipse Technologies excels when your company faces tight deadlines and needs additional expert advise and proposals to augment your future systems projects. We have extensive experience with C#, Visual Basic, Dot Net, HTML5, JavaScript, Various JS frameworks, CSS3, XML, SVG, PHP, Python, Dart, Delphi, and C/C++ amongst others.

At Eclipse Technologies we understand the importance of your SQL Server databases, Universe and other business software, and understand how critical they are to your companies profitability.

We look forward to opportunity to assist your company by proposing solutions and recommendations.

Our team of SQL-Server Database Consultants and Software Developers are ready to help your company achieve success.

Please use the details found on our contact us page, and one of our experienced consultants will contact you to discuss your consultancy requirements.

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