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Unique software solutions developed to work specifically for your business and so much more...

ECS - Bespoke Software

Customised software from Eclipse Technologies, designed and developed to help your business.

  • Created using VB6 - ASP.NET - VB.NET - C# - U2 Universe - Android and SQL Server etc
  • Operate more efficiently than your competitors
  • Increase productivity, quality and accountability
  • Often more effective than off the shelf software
  • Support directly from the team who created your software
  • Integration with existing accounts, sales and inventory software/modules

Is custom software expensive or a cost-effective solution?

By identifying your exact business needs, professionally developed bespoke software is substantially more “target feature rich” and cost competitive. Additionally with increased efficiency and improved reporting tools you will more easily predict and meet internal and external customer needs.

Off-the-shelf software can cost you more to buy, more to improve, more to integrate with your current software and more to license. Often these “Instant” software solutions are complex and aimed at a generic market and are feature limiting. They often have unnecessary superfluous features that you will never use.

Currently changing your business practices to suit your software? Rather reap the benefit of adapting your software to suit your businesses growth and evolution.

Our customised software solutions will deal with ALL your business requirements. It will be designed and developed to work specifically for your company, making it easier to manage your business.

We create software that is intuitive to use, and we will integrate it into your existing systems so your staff will operate in the way they are used to working.

Your efficiency will be improved by integrating specialist data input devices, or by interfacing with other software to create an all-inclusive solution across your whole organisation.

As your business grows, your software will have the flexibility to be modified and expanded to encompass areas not previously considered. With ongoing support you will have access to dedicated IT resources and your requests will be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Please use the details on our contacts page for further information or to request a call back from one of our expert consultants to discuss how Eclipse Technologies can assist you and your business.

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