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Critical IT and server support, strategically working with you and much more...

ESM - Complete Assistance

Maintenance and support covers the following,

  • Data centers - Server hardware, operating systems, and vpn
  • Server systems administration, monitoring, and security
  • Network systems design
  • SQL database administration (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Universe etc
  • Data storage systems and backups
  • IT disaster preparedness

Maintenance and support contracts include,

  • Analysis of hardware, optimization of server configurations
  • All work on initial configuration, hardware installation and connection of new software and equipment;
  • Data replication
  • Setting up failover and cluster configurations for mission-critical services
  • Security audits and consultation on security and implementation of security policies
  • Load-testing, analysis of system performance and determination of bottlenecks
  • Day-to-day servicing of your server room, server health monitoring and planned maintenance

ESM by Eclipse Technologies works in three areas, to ensure your systems are stable and to provide an uninterrupted information supply with full data integrity and security.

Area 1. We Provide and manage network server and storage environments comprising the infrastructure for IT applications & services.

Area 2. We Configure and manage data backups and system restore, as well as designing and executing business continuity procedures and disaster recovery.

Area 3. We Provide 3rd tier (advanced) support for the tools and applications that we have created/developed.

To find out more about our complete maintenance and support services. Please use the details on our contact us page.

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