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Images and photo's now managed in a tailer-made software solution

ERP - Full Business Solutions

EPS Photo and image management software

  • Manage high volume photo shoots more effectively
  • Manage your company's product images
  • Add labels and wording to any photos or images
  • Identify and co-ordinate individual or group photos
  • Time saving
  • Work in all picture formats
  • Compile photos and image sequence by order placed and send to printer
  • Manage and edit photo/image data base
  • Filter and categorise all images and photos
  • Multi-user access availability

A unique product developed by Eclipse Technologies, designed specifically to assist photographers and companies with their picture storage, grouping, labeling and distribution.

EPS ensures your images are managed in an efficient and time consuming manner. It allows users to index and group their photographs and images in a logical and easy to retrieve manner. The user interface panel is completely intuitive and incredibly easy to use.

Take a group picture…..no problem the system allocates the image to the folders of everyone in the picture by their wrist bar code strip. Just one of the unique features of the ERP software system.

With the feature rich EPS software program from Eclipse Technologies grouping, labelling and sorting photos and product images is quick and easy, no more time consuming manual grouping and sorting, no more costly mistakes of wrong images being printed or sent to clients.

When choosing a photograph and image management system, ensure the system meets your needs.

EPS is flexible, future-proof and most importantly, cost effective. To enquire please contact one of our knowledgeable consultants to discuss your image and photo management system requirements.

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